Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Appleton Lies (Planned Parenthood)

It ain't just spin. It's lying, plain and simple.

...the counselor claiming that the fetus's heart does not start beating until "about seventeen or eighteen weeks." Emphasizing that the 10 week old fetus has "heart tones," she states that the "heart beat is when the fetus is active in the uterus--can survive--which is about seventeen or eighteen weeks."

Oh, really?

Embryologists Dianne Irving, Ph.D, a former bench research biochemist with the National Institutes of Health and a Professor of Medical Ethics at Georgetown University, and Ward Kischer, Ph.D., Professor emeritus of Cell Biology and Anatomy specializing in embryology at the University Arizona, cite what they call "the number-one human embryology textbook," Human Embryology & Teratology published by Wiley-Liss: "The heart begins to beat by 4 weeks."

Looks like a lie to me. More at the link below.

HT: Al in Dubuque

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