Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who's the Army Trying to Kid?

Caught by Ace:

Investigators would have been "crucified" over First Amendment rights if they had launched a full-scale probe into e-mails Fort Hood massacre suspect Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly sent to a radical imam, a government investigator told Fox News.

The claim comes as the squabble grows among officials in different branches of law enforcement and the military over who knew what, and when, about Hasan's leanings toward faith-inspired violence, and amid charges that "political correctness" prevented officials from taking pre-emptive action.

The government counterterrorism investigator familiar with the FBI's review of the Fort Hood case told Fox News that they simply did not have enough evidence to launch an investigation. Though officials discovered Hasan's e-mails to the imam, the investigator said the messages suggested he was seeking "spiritual and religious guidance."

"Had we launched an investigation of Hasan we'd have been crucified," the investigator said, adding that the communications were shared with the "appropriate chains."

I recognize that my memory of the UCMJ is hazy, and that I was an EM, not an officer.

But my memory of the UCMJ is this: "You are in the Army. You HAVE no rights. If you differ, write your Congressman, and he'll forward the letter to the Army, who will forward it to your C.O., who will inquire of your platoon Sergeant, who will remind you that you have NO RIGHTS--one way or the other, you'll get the message."

But hey. 14 dead is better than a rights-trial, right?

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Neo-Con Tastic said...

"But hey. 14 dead is better than a rights-trial, right? "

That line pretty much sums it up. Basically they played it safe and 14 people are dead. Bravo.