Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cdl George "Approves" ObamaCare?

Let's start where the Cardinal should have stopped.

...noting that the bishops "do not claim or present ourselves as experts on health care policy" and "are not prepared to assess every provision of legislation as complex as this proposal," said George, "health care legislation ... is about human beings and hence has serious moral dimensions."

Because of the role Catholic Church-sponsored health care plays in picking up "the pieces of our failing system," he said, "we believe our nation's health care system needs reform which protects human life and dignity and serves the poor and vulnerable as a moral imperative and an urgent national priority

One respectfully suggests that before the Cardinal signals 'approval' of ObamaCare, that he damn well OUGHT to 'assess....provision[s] of [the] legislation.'

Like, for example, the prison-time requirement for failure to purchase health insurance. In this country we have a Constitution which does not endorse such a concept.

Or, for example, the complete absence of conscience protections for providers.

Or the possibility that ObamaCare will bankrupt the US and/or a good portion of its citizens. Bankrupts actually don't "provide" much healthcare, Cardinal.

Finally, Cardinal, can you point to the moral law which obligates a NATION to 'provide healthcare' to its citizens? I'm sure you can reconcile your statement with the Principle of Subsidiarity, right?

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