Thursday, November 12, 2009

Uncle Jimbo is Right, Again

The Dither-in-Chief gets upbraided, deservedly.

...You can't set the circumstances for victory before you commit to trying to win one. You can't set your strategy based on the hope that quality government will just spring up in the midst of chaos with no security. You can't just magic a functional, fighting Afghan Army out of nothing without competent US forces to first beat the insurgency down to a manageable level. Then they take the Afghans to the field for joint operations to build their confidence just like we did in Iraq. If your goal is simply to turn things over to the Afghans, then hand them the goddamn keys right now. Make a couple of passes over the worst Taliban strongholds, bomb the living shit out of them and then bring our troops home.

Whatever decision you end up making, you have shown a complete lack of leadership ability. You have made the job of our military more difficult everywhere as our enemies have seen you are not the strong horse...

While it appears that Obama's Trotskyite Statism will be curbed by a nervous Congress, his foreign and military hand is unstayed under the Constitution.

Ruin of the country can be accomplished in a number of ways.

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