Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Starvation Metaphor: Doyle's Governance

P-Mac reports news that his employer couldn't find. Starving people.

Sherrie Tussler is complaining again. She's an anti-hunger activist in a poor town, so this isn't unusual.

Thing is, she's right, again. Hungry Milwaukeeans are calling hotlines and getting nowhere. This time, state government is to blame - an illuminating turn.

..."The state is providing actually worse service than Milwaukee County," said Tussler, who heads the nonprofit Hunger Task Force.

How bad is it? Of people applying for FoodShare, which is what food stamps are now called, only 35% are getting an answer in 30 days or less, viewed as acceptable by the federal government. Thirteen percent wait more than 100 days. Of the particularly desperate cases, only 31% get help from the state within the required seven days; 32% wait more than a month.

Ah, the Progressive Liberals--Doyle and Timberlake--(and their bootlicker, Capper)!

Doyle plans on starving other Wisconsin entities, such as papermaking and manufacturing, too.

Only a matter of time before he completes that task.

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