Tuesday, September 08, 2009

THIS Is A "Better" Solution?

Krauthammer, summarized by Roeser:

He thinks if the Obama people are smart they will take this exit strategy. They will (a) drop the public option aka widespread government intrusion into medicine; (b) scrub any reference to end-of-life counseling; (c) drop the argument that Obamacare is “cost-cutting” because it isn’t; (d) re-write the bill to make health care universal and permanently protected with draconian regulations that ban denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, denying the dropping of coverage if a person gets sick; and capping insurance company reimbursement.

Krauthammer: “Isn’t there a catch? Of course there is. This scheme is the ultimate bait-and-switch. The pleasure comes now, the pain later. Government-subsidized universal and virtually unlimited coverage will vastly compound already out-of-control government spending on health care.” But the pain will not come immediately, he says: but when it does, “the only solution will be rationing.” Bad news but he says legislators on both sides of the aisle will support the legislation. I sure hope his prediction doesn’t come to pass.

Any (R) who supports that bag of crap outlined in (c) above should be forcibly removed from office immediately.