Sunday, September 06, 2009

This Didn't Make the "News" Paper

BeerBiker notes a large public event was held only 60 miles north of Milwaukee.

Only 1500 4,000 people showed up.

Obviously not a big-enough event for MSM notice.


Billiam said...

It's hard to make them notice anything they disagree with. I mean, if they didn't notice, it didn't happen, right?

Anonymous said...

Go Sheboygan!!

The Raleigh News and Observer made note of the 65 ObamaCare folks that tried to make a demonstration yesterday.

And the dead trees wonder why nobody is buying them anymore.


Shoebox said...

A Klan rally of that size certainly would have gotten some press. I wonder why 1,500 "racists" didn't?

Deekaman said...

Thanks for the H/T,Dad. So many hits, I can't keep track. Think any are from the other side? I didn't either.