Friday, September 04, 2009

Speak for Your Own Children, Bud!

Only from MSNBC:

"So much of the debate about President Obama has been politicized in an effort by some to delegitimize his presidency," Boykin said. "This is clearly much ado about nothing. We're talking about the President of the United States speaking to school kids. Why wouldn't schools want this to happen? That's why our kids are so dumb today, because they don't want to have basic common sense in the classroom." --Keith Boykin, (D) strategist. HT: Cavey

Well, even JayFolkbum can agree with the part beginning "...because they don't..." As to Boykin, maybe he thinks "kids are dumb." IMHO, that's because he might not have any of his own, or perhaps he knows all the wrong kids.

The better take on the whole thing came from Matt Gibson at Elmbrook Schools.

Gibson said the district made the decision "to honor class time throughout the district." ..."I think it's a good idea," Gibson said of the president's speech. "But I wasn't certain it was a good idea for every classroom throughout the School District during class time."

Personally, I didn't really care all that much, and didn't really intend to take my kid to McMiller as the opt-out alternative (but it was fun to think about, for both of us.) My complaint was that Obama is becoming an intrusion rather than the President.

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GOR said...

"...Obama is becoming an intrusion rather than the President."

I couldn't agree more, Dad. It has become more like an extension of the election campaign - which was already way too long.

It's also reminiscent of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton taking every opportunity to get in front of the cameras.

There's such a thing as over-exposure, Mr. President!

"Silent Cal", he's not...