Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Solid Insight on Obama

From an email (sorry, I don't know who the author is--much as I'd like to take credit for this).

Obama has a Great Communicator inside him and his great dilemma - again, this approaches levels of the highest Greek tragedy - is that he dare not let it out. The closest he could come to fully "coming out" was during the election campaign, when he could comfortably and more or less genuinely talk about "Change", investing his speeches with all the passion he really felt about change... without having to explicate what the changes really meant or what kind of Brave New World he really, in his deepest gut, envisioned. It was enough to cinch the deal. But now, he can't do that anymore. That's what amazes me for its high pathos. Obama daren't come out. The only way he can be a Great Communicator is to communicate what his real, core, passionate vision is - and of course that's political suicide, because the country didn't elect him for that. Obama's real, core, passionate vision won't be infectious the way Reagan's was, simply because the vast majority of Americans totally rejects it. So, Obama daren't communicate it. Ipso facto, no Great Communicator. Just a Beautiful Speechifier. Which means boring. And Obama and Company don't get it yet. They're blowing the whole wad on a bad hand.

It is manifestly obvious that Obama views the US and 'capitalism' as Bad Guys. Not cartoon Bad Guys, either. He views them exactly as did his GreenJobs Marxist appointee did, and as does Soros, his principal offshore source of money. Obama showed it from the get-go with his foreign policy moves, and especially in that regard his treatment of the legitimate Honduras coup.

And his ObamaCare program is merely a continuance, albeit in another phase.

His mentors are Wright, Ayers, and his Communist "uncle" in Hawaii.

This is an incredible spectacle taking place. Can't be compared to anything in our lifetime, or perhaps ever, in American history. At this point, I wonder whether Obama can even last till 2012.

Gadzooks! BIDEN?

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