Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Russ Feingold Halfway There on "Tax/n/Cap"

You have to hand it to Feingold--just when you think there's no hope for the guy, he comes up with sound thinking.

...he said the nation must do something to combat climate change, but he isn’t yet ready to commit to energy legislation with a so-called cap and trade provision for carbon emissions.

“I’m not signing onto any bill that rips off Wisconsin,” Feingold declared, arguing the bill's mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions could put the coal-dependent Badger State at an economic disadvantage compared to other regions and nations.

Well, good! Too bad that the science of the underlying issue escapes Rusty's attention.

Feingold said he's “troubled” by some of his constituents’ refusal to accept the principles of global warming,...

Here's a "principle" to think about Senator: is Global Warming anthropogenically caused, or not?

After you've answered that, your heart will not be so troubled.

HT: FoxPolitics

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