Tuesday, September 01, 2009

QueenNancy Imposing Her Values on Everything

Maybe it's revenge because she did not get her personal G-5 fleet?

If you’ve ever been stuck on hold with a congressional office in the past, at least you’ve been able to enjoy some good patriotic music, as opposed to the lilting tones of generic smooth jazz that have been driving elevator users insane for decades. For years, congressional offices have played patriotic anthems as the background music during hold times.

Not any more. After we were startled by the hold music when we called a House office recently, sources on Capitol Hill informed us this week that the Democratic House leadership has made a sweeping decision that congressional offices now have the options of “smooth jazz” elevator music or no music at all.

The article goes on to mention that there would be no cost difference if the patriotic music were ALSO an option.

It's Pelosi's version of "choice"--do it her way, period.

Isn't she a little too old to be holding an important office?

HT: Memeorandum