Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Problems in Wisconsin With Obama-School

It's reported that Obama has found another way to get his face on TV, but rather than rape the networks for their airtime again, he's going to force himself on a captive audience: yout's.

(Perhaps that's because Axelrod discovered that nobody watches ObamaTV shows anymore. Cable nets report enormous spikes in viewers for the Cooking Channel, the Shopping Channel, and the Weather Channel when Obama's face is on the air....again. And again. And again. And again.)

Anyhoo, I submit that the upcoming Creepy Indoctrination Attempt will be a problem for Wisconsin school districts.

Remember, they have to clock a certain number of Education minutes every school year. Ask Shorewood, whose grade-schoolers will have to attend school straight through the next 6 Christmas breaks to make up for lost time.)

Somebody has to certify ObamaFaceTime as "education" minutes or the little darlings will NOT get the requisite Minimum Daily Requirement of Education, meaning they will have to attend school until July 4th, or something.

I think my kid will have a sudden deleterious illness. I'll cure that illness by taking her to McMiller Range in Eagle and having a bit of target practice.

Never know when good shootin' will come in handy!

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A Visit of Presidential Proportions' Bush to Address Nation's Students From Deal Junior High in NW
The Washington Post | October 1, 1991| Lynda Richardson | Copyright