Tuesday, September 01, 2009

ObamaCare 2.0

Well, well.

...Next week, President Obama is going to give Democrats a health care plan they can begin to sell.

He plans to list specific goals that any health insurance reform plan that arrives at his desk must achieve...

He will insist upon a mechanism to cut costs and increase competition among insurance companies -- and perhaps will even specify a percentage rate -- and he will say that his preferred mechanism remains a government-subsidized public health insurance option, but he will remain agnostic about whether the plan must include a robust public option.

...they say that the goal is to give his side -- Democrats -- a true presidential plan that they can sell. That includes the rebranding of several consensus initiatives, like the insurance reforms, as his own. The effect of this sales job, if it works, will be to associate the president with parts of the reform bills that are almost certainly likely to pass -- assuming the Senate doesn't bog down.

Apparently he got the hint.

HT: Dyspeptic


Deekaman said...

We must keep up the pressure. Any legislation must address the causes of high medical costs. If it doesn't, it must be opposed.

Deekaman said...

The goal of Obama and the Left is Socialized Healthcare. It must not happen.

Anonymous said...

No Fannie/Freddie type co-ops either. It better include tort reform, allow mere mortals to deduct all of their medical costs, and allow purchasing across state lines.

Shoebox said...

ah yeah, just like Obama gave the Dems the roadmap for the stimulus package....that they ignored and a roadmap for a budget....that they ignored. This is just a way for Obama to once again say "it's not about me!" to try and save his hide!