Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama Dumping Poland and Czechoslovakia Under the Bus

Reports AOSHQ, quoting Weekly Standard:

According to reliable sources, Obama administration officials are on their way to Poland and the Czech Republic to deliver very bad news. The administration intends to cancel completely the missile defense sites that had been promised to these governments by the previous administration. This represents a complete capitulation to Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Sucks up to Saudi Arabia, home and money-source for Osama. Dumps all over Israel, Honduras, England. Sucks up to tinpot dictator Chavez, dumps all over Poland. Kisses butt of Putin, KGB cretin; shoves Germany toward icebox, screws Canada with 'buy American' laws.

You can call it Foreign Policy.

It's "foreign", all right. And in a perverse way, it's "isolationist" too--because in less than 4 years, this country will have no allies at all.


krshorewood said...

What a tragedy that we are denying these noble countries something that doesn't work in the first place.


R10 said...

krshorewood says: What a tragedy that we are denying these noble countries something that doesn't work in the first place.

This is simply wrong. krshorewood must believe that the laws of physics and mathematics are WRONG, or that computer and mechanical technology is inadequate to apply those laws to real world ballistic calculations. It is condescending to assume that krshorewood does not believe in physics or math, so the polite thing to do is to ask krshorewood to either support the assertion that missile defense “doesn’t work” with real world evidence, or retract the statement with apologies for lying. Be honest or be quiet.

Dad29 said...

You're asking a lot from KR...

Anonymous said...

Considering that Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates recommended such action;

Considering that there was considerable opposition to the missile defense systems by Polish and Czech citizens;

Considering that the United States can still decide to put a ground missile defense system in those two countries in the future, if requested;

Considering that these two nations are not "helpless" since they to belong NATO, a mutual defense pact;

Considering that Russia MAY be more willing to put pressure upon Iran to reduce its nuclear program through its voice on the UN Security Council;

Considering that Russia has no designs to dominate the world just right now;

Considering that even if Russia invaded tomorrow, and no missile system was in place in those two countries, it wouldn't really matter, we would be dead or dying from radiation poisioning;

dad29 is right.

Anonymous said...

Hey, grumpy old guy: You ever been to those countries? Know anyone from there? Ever consider the world from outside the thought coffin you call "conservative"? (Not that those nasty "liberals" you love to hate are any different, really...)

Here's the deal. If you have the huevos to leave your comfortably narrow worldview for a moment, you might just have a staggering epiphany: the world, the universe, God & reality, etc, is not as it has come to be portrayed by those who have (had) vested interests at stake. Or, as the Firesign Theatre once said, "Everything you know is wrong!"

I could start with your notions of God, but I'll just recommend The Future of Faith and let you either take the bait or, if you really think you know enough to blow hard and long, why worry about being wrong? Here's a funny irony for you, though. That Palestinian Hippie that the Roman Church turned into the European, imperial Christ was the most strident anti-imperialist ever.

That's why they killed him.

His message was very, very simple--in fact, it's all contained in the Sermon on the Mount. You know, all that liberal nonsense about helping the poor & downtrodden, about standing up to all power structures & hierarchies, etc, in order to build the Kingdom of God here on earth, as it is in Heaven. It's going to be awfully funny when The Hippie comes back and catches all those conservative, bible-believing & bible-humping modern day Romans in their act.

Anyway, most knowledgeable sir, you know nothing about Eastern Europe. My wife is Czech, I've lived there and have many friends there...and here's the real deal: the Czechs and the Poles hate the Russians for occupying their countries. Just like they hated the Nazis before them, and the German and Austro-Hungarian colonizers before them. The point here is that no one has ever let them run their own countries, except during the brief, golden age (of sorts) between the two world wars.

And that is the big problem here. You blowhards never let other people choose how to live; whether it's our savage foreign policy (the real one, not that swill you've been sucking up all your life...try King's greatest speech, btw, the one that no one talks about anymore 'cuz it's just too darned true...the speech that got him killed, a year to the day after he delivered it, the incomparable and still, no, even more relevant Beyond Vietnam: a time to break the silence) or the institutionalized injustice that we all pledge allegiance to right here at home.

Tell me, sir, what outrage has our vaunted constitution ever prevented? Slavery? The orgies of death and profit we call wars? The savage inequalities we call the workings of the free market, where one man is free to own as much as he can and another man is free to starve. How about just one, just one?

Do you know what Jesus felt about people who collaborate with the imperial authorities? How about those who accumulate wealth and leave the poor to fend for themselves? Or how about those who tell others how to live, based on their interpretation of "scripture"?

All you pharisees are in for a very rude awakening, I'm afraid.

As to the missile defense system, well...let's leave out all the Cold War nonsense and cut to the chase: Klaus is a tool of the West. He will do anything they ask, even though more than 2/3rds of "his" people people want no part of it. (May Reagan rot in hell--at least until he learns his lesson--along with all the other war criminals who have been running this country since its inception! Too strong? Have you ever read any history, friend, as opposed to the propaganda oozing out from your TV set?)

Good luck!