Thursday, September 17, 2009

The MSM Pre-Write for Saturday's TEA Party

Rather than trouble a reporter with all the fuss and bother of going to this Saturday's TEA Party at Veteran's Park, here's the story they can copy/paste.

Milwaukee--MSM--September 19 2009

A few dozen people gathered in Milwaukee's lakefront Veterans' Park today to hear several speakers denounce Democrats, particularly President Obama, for being "Nazis", "Marxists," and--in Obama's case--for merely being black. Some also mentioned 'Socialism' or 'Fascism.' To an observer it was clear that the people were irrational, if not dangerous. A spokesman for the Southern Poverty Legal Center said that in general, "TEA Party attendees are hate-group members who should be on DHS' watch list."

It was evident throughout the event that racists were the vast majority of the 20 or so people who showed up. They were boiling over, yea, seething, with anger that a black man is the President. Many were frothing at the mouth. They carried Gadsden flags, a code-symbol for racists since April of this year, and shouted such racist epithets as "Stop the Spending!!" "Respect the Constitution!!" and "No Government Health Care!!!"

Oh, sure, a couple of locally-known blacks spoke, as well as some unknown Asian-American woman from Washington D.C. But it is generally understood by that those speakers are sellouts. Uncle Toms. Oreos. Enablers.

Besides the Gadsden-flag racists, some of the protesters were members of the NRA, another group known for its wild-eyed, inflammatory, unhinged devotion to something called 'the Second Amendment'. The NRA's position on the Second Amendment usually includes such code-phrases as "law-abiding citizens" which, of course, is racist talk for Whiteys.

We asked one of the 10 people present to tell us why he came today. But rather than recording and transcribing his entire answer, which had to do with the growth of regulation, the usurpation of the 10th Amendment (whatever that is), and the 'five-spiral dive' imminent for the US Dollar due to unsustainable national debt driven by wild overspending at both the national and State levels, we'll reduce it a bit. Paraphased, he said 'Obama is a N******'. Or at least that's what I heard, along with the word "boy" someplace in the ranting and raving of this lunatic.

There. You see?

After leaving the half-dozen wackos and nut-jobs at the park, I washed my hands several times before returning to Journal Square and writing this up. I also took a shower. Twice. Thank God I'll be back in Shorewood soon.

We couldn't be bothered with sending a photographer to the event--they cost money, you know. So instead I took the name of the single attendee, found out which restaurant he favors, and phoned the restaurant owner to let them know he has a crankwacko as a customer, which could result in problems if the national franchiser were notified.


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Neo-Con Tastic said...

Do you work for the Journal-Sentinel? I think you just blew your cover.