Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Mad Hatters of Obama

Perhaps QueenNancy didn't hear you.

This week the House is scheduled to approve H.R. 3221, an education lending bill that CBO reports will increase the deficit by $50 billion. The bill includes a little-known provision to give the Secretary of Education $500 million - to be provided to to any entity he deems “appropriate” - to develop and disseminate free and “freely available” online courses.

Yah. The Feds have done such maaaahhhvelous work in "education" that curriculum development is the obvious next step. (/sarcasm)

Federal curriculum is contrary to longstanding government policy - and it’s unnecessary. For decades, Federal law has prohibited the U.S. Department of Education from exercising control over the “curriculum, program of instruction . . . or over the selection or content of library resources, text books, or other educational materials by any educational institution or school system.

But that policy and law is so........Yesterday. So........Pre-Obama! So..... Pre-Enlightened Ones!

So pre-Fascist!

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