Friday, September 11, 2009

"If You Like Your Healthcare Plan, Fuggedaboutit"

Econ 101.

Three out of four Milwaukee‐area companies could lower their health care costs by 20 percent or more if they scrapped their current plan and paid the 8 percent payroll penalty proposed by Congress, according to the 2010 results of the Greater Milwaukee Health Care Benefit Survey.

Seventy-three percent of employers who responded to the survey by, said health care benefits represent at least 10 percent of their total payroll costs.

Paying the 8 percent penalty being proposed under national health care reform plans in the House would reduce their costs by 20 percent, employers said.

For the 28 percent of employers who said their health care benefits represented 16 percent or more of payroll costs, the 8 percent penalty could reduce their health care expenses by at least 50 percent, they said.

Believe it or not, there are LeftOWackies who think (I use the term advisedly) that employers will KEEP their costs higher by retaining existing health insurance policies.

That makes sense, yah.


Jay Bullock said...

How come no one has written the story yet, "100% of area business could cut their health insurance costs to $0"?

I mean, if they were really interested in saving money, they'd have already cut the coverage, right?

Deekaman said...

Jay, you're not even worth responding to except to say that you show how little you understand.