Sunday, September 06, 2009

Even MORE on Afghanistan: McCarthy, Levin, and the Pope

Use the links within McCarthy's essay to find Levin's.

They both miss something, albeit McCarthy pulls back the covers far more than Levin.

Bye and bye, both these guys (and, one hopes, the greater Western public) will figure out that this whole "Taliban" and "Mullah" (and Turkish) thing is a religious war against the entire (nominally) Christian West. For that matter, the same thing is happening in PRChina; the Uighurs are not interested in democracy there, either.

The religious aspect is precisely why "democracy" cannot stand in any genuinely Muslim country. While democracy or its variants--Parliamentarianism, or our republic-form--fit into a Christian worldview which has as its core the Trinity, it cannot possibly fit into a worldview based on the Islamic Allah.

That's precisely why Benedict XVI joined the battle by challenging the minority-Islam view which endorses and executes jihad. The West (more specifically, the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox West) has been there before. We know those guys, and we know the theological flaw, which many Muslims "get": it is impossible to reconcile a benevolent Allah with the Allah of jihad.

This is not really a problem of the systems of governance. This is a problem of theology.

And other than Benedict, not one Western leader will acknowledge it.

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