Friday, September 04, 2009

Doyle's Incompetent Gummint, Part 23,765

I suppose it's not as bad as falling-down freeway interchanges.

New stats from New Berlin show that a roundabout on Moorland Road, in front of the Ridge Cinemas, is the most dangerous intersection in that city - with the highest accident rate of any major New Berlin intersection in 2008. And another roundabout on Moorland, at I-43, is ranked third on the list.

TWO of the top FIVE!

Outstanding Work, Frankie B!!


RAG said...

Yah, hey, dere...we dah did dah best with dah most expensive dah labor dah we could dah find, you know.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Here in Brown County they want to put forty some roundabouts in along HWY 41.

The DOT is crazy.

Finally, some facts on those stupid roundabouts. Thanks for the information.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

As much as I hate those things, they aren't horrible in suburban settings.

Paul, when I'm up in De Pere country, they have them around the city and arguably, they aren't the worst.


Dad29 said...

"Ain't horrible in suburban."?

What the hell do you call New Berlin? Manhattan?

Billiam said...

Paul, did you see the plans for Shuering rd.? What a mess that will be, as well as the clusterf**k that will be the 29 interchange when they get to it. I've almost gotten clobbered in every circle here in Green Bay and DePere! Many people ignore stop signs, red lites and don't yeild when getting on the highway. What idiot figured they'd yield in a round-a-bout?

tiegsj said...

These were supposed to prevent traffic from backing up onto I-43 from the off ramps. When I drove past on Friday evening traffic was backed up all the way onto the freeway. What a complete waste.