Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doyle's Incomparably Incompetent Work

In 2001, Jim Doyle was the Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin, responsible for oversight of the State Crime Lab.

Under his watch, the Crime Lab did not correctly establish systems and procedures to comply with DNA-collection requirements of Wisconsin law. It's possible that's because Doyle was busy campaigning, rather than actually running the office.

Doyle became Governor and appointed someone to run the Department of Corrections. That individual oversaw the State prisons, and under that individual's watch, the Oshkosh facility collected a DNA sample from someone who CLAIMED to be Walter Ellis.

Peg Lift-und-Schlep-Em (Lautenschager, in case the State revokes her pension for complete malfeasance-in-office) was Attorney General at that time, responsible for oversight of the State Crime lab.

The DNA from "Walter Ellis" turned out to be DNA from another prisoner.

Lautenschlager's Crime Lab didn't bother to communicate with Doyle's Department of Corrections on this problem. As a result, Ellis was able to kill another individual.

Meantime, Van Hollen becomes AG, focusing on improving the Crime Lab's problems. He didn't do too well. Sure, the backlog of DNA examinations was reduced--but it appears that it was reduced by the time-honored method of simply tossing everything into the trash. "VOILA!! Clean desks!!"

To the outside observer, it's clear that the AG's Executive Summary of Activities was missing something, like a tick-count of DNA database entries--or if there WAS a tick-count, Van Hollen ignored the obvious: that there were a helluva lot more prisoners than there were DNA entries.

One expects that there will be at least a dozen high-level managers FIRED from both DOC and the Crime lab. Fired without pension privileges, we should add.

Meantime, Doyle should cancel the publishing contract for his memoirs. They would merely serve as a pre-printed indictment for Incompetent and Craven politics. Were such things crimes, Doyle would never leave prison.

Any questions about the motives for going to TEA Parties and being a bit angry, class??


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