Thursday, September 03, 2009

DNR Stiffs Open Records Request, Violating Law (Again)

It's becoming very clear that DNR is living up to its acronymic (Damn Near Russia) as Berry reports.

Hardly a month has lapsed since the state Supreme Court ruled against a claim of confidentiality for the names of unionized state employees, but for more than three weeks the DNR has ignored another Lakeland Times open records request asking for those records and for other information.

In the wake of the court victory, Lakeland Times publisher Gregg Walker sent the request Aug. 6 to DNR secretary Matt Frank. As of Saturday, Aug. 29, the newspaper had not received any response or acknowledgment.

The law requires agencies to respond to open records requests "as soon as practicable and without delay," which the state's attorney general's office has long interpreted to mean within 10 working days.

Try ignoring one of those fine DNR employees for 23 days sometime and see what happens.

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Billiam said...

There's a double standard for the Brownshirts.