Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sykes, Belling, and the "Birthers"

Both Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling have made it a point to steer VERY clear of the "birthers", those who think that Obama is not native-born and thus, Constitutionally ineligible to serve as President.

Well, OK. I'm not all heated up about it, either.

But here's a very interesting factoid:

A million dollars in legal fees has already been incurred by Obama's legal teams to fend off any and all valid legal challenges to make him prove his legitimacy to hold office.

I suppose that the million bucks has 'saved or created' jobs. Otherwise, that's a helluvalotta money to avoid pulling an old piece of paper out of a vault in Hawaii's Vital Records office, no?


HT: BeerBiker


Andy said...

Yeah, there's that whole "why hide it" and spend a million dollars on it business that makes you wonder.

And, how his OTHER records aren't released (college, the Harvard Law Review records, etc...).

TerryN said...

He's a fraud. Unless he wants to prove otherwise.