Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AFL-CIO Upside Down Due to Campaign Spending


'We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama," declared Andy Stern last month, and the president of the Service Employees International Union wasn't exaggerating. The SEIU and AFL-CIO have been spending so much on politics that they're going deeply into debt.

...As recently as 2000, the union consortium of 8.5 million members had a $45 million surplus. By June of last year it had $90.6 million in liabilities, or $2.3 million more than its $88.3 million in assets. "If we are not careful, insolvency may be right around the corner," Mr. Buffenbarger warned.

No wonder they want WallyWorld workers--and Doyle mandated SEIU representation elections for home health-care workers in Wisconsin.

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Dan said...

As a Wally World part time employee, it just ain't going to happen- union that is.