Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Dealer Closings: Chaos and Crisis

It is clear that the Obama Government will NEVER issue a rational statement justifying its dealer-closing actions for either Chrysler or GummintMotors.

Even the really Lefty (R) who publishes as "rag" doesn't get it--and mentions an interesting factoid:

So, if you're in the booming town of St. George and your local Chrysler dealer is closing, are you likely to buy a car that can't be serviced unless you drive a couple of hours to Las Vegas?

You can't even drive an hour up the road to Cedar City. Nope. Chrysler pulled the plug on its Cedar City dealers, too.

And then he tells us:

There's a Toyota dealer in St. George. Ditto for Honda. And Nissan.

Since GummintMotors will not state a reason (which is actually, you know, rational), we'll have to think up our own.

I like the Chaos and Crisis reason.

Limbaugh remarked that the Obama Administration was happy with chaos, and would create it now and then, because Chaos leads to crisis.

And we all know that Emanuel loves crisis.

Tossing several tens of thousands of auto dealer employees on the street is one good way to produce a little chaos, which can easily be another "crisis" requiring management by none other than Obama.

With no other rationale in plain sight, I think this explains it perfectly.


Dan said...

Oh, no, more Utahan's in Las Vegas. Yep, that's where they want to go. Chances are they's still travel to Salt Lake City.

RAG said...

I think it's more like Las Vegas people moving north. I go through St. George a few times a year and it's a fairly hip, growing small city.

Lefty? lol