Saturday, April 04, 2009

State of Wisconsin Incompetents, Boobs, and Dweebs

Nothing like an audit to find out who's taking State payroll dollars but not exactly doing their job.

To ease state budget problems, the state transferred money from a number of accounts to the state's general fund. As a result, state workers determined they needed to return $449,645 to the federal government because the money couldn't be used in that way.

Workers drew up a check, but the state budget office blocked them from sending it.

The budget office told auditors the state planned to eventually return the money, but it first needed to reconcile federal aid over three fiscal years. Auditors warned that a delay could result in the state having to pay interest and penalties.

In other words, Three-Card-Monte Doyle pissed away the money and preferred to steal it from the Feds.

UW-Madison has been slow to request federal reimbursement for providing student financial aid and other programs, which costs the state tens of thousands of dollars in lost interest.
In some cases, UW-Madison was three months late in seeking federal reimbursement and even then did not ask for all the money that was owed to it.

As of early March, auditors found $6.7 million owed to the university that the school had not yet sought. University officials say they have now secured all the federal money they are owed

Are you SURE of that, UW? We know that your former Chancellor, Walsh, was lecturing us about how UW needs Mo'Money!! only a few months ago. Add "managerial incompetence" to your resume, Doc.

The Department of Children and Families is supposed to perform criminal background checks on foster care parents every four years under federal rules. But a state computer system was programmed to alert the department that the checks needed to be performed every 4 ½ years - six months after they should have been performed

Another magnificent systems & programming demonstration!!

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