Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Revised/Updated Format

A couple of weeks ago, a commenter asked how she could keep track of this blog's entries. (She's probably from Homeland Security, or the FBI.)

Frankly, there is an answer--having to do with the "follower" function on Blogger.

Along with a nagging desire to sort of refresh the page a bit, that inquiry prompted the upgrade you may notice today.

There's a bit more to do--find and re-post some of the header material from Lombardi, Twain, GKC, etc.--but what you see is the format for at least the next few years.


capper said...

More likely she was just a masochist that escaped from some mental facility.:)

Dad29 said...

Entirely likely.

Mentioned your name, by the way.

capper said...

I do help a lot of people. The ones that can't be helped, I simply monitor.

How have you been feeling?