Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Organizers, Compared

The Winning McCain was a reporter back in the day, and has a germane observation about "reporting" in comparable events.

This from his 2000 report on the IMF protests held in Washington DC:

Something about the protests in Washington against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund that didn't get much press was the Commies. I say they "didn't get much press," but in fact, the presence of the Communist Party USA at the anti-IMF rally didn't get any press at all -- except for a couple of paragraphs in The Washington Times, courtesy of yours truly. . . .

Finally arriving at the Ellipse, I am immediately set upon by guys hawking the Socialist Worker newspaper for 50 cents. This was why the media silence about the heavy Red presence at A16 was so puzzling to me...

The upshot?

Only a blatantly biased and dishonest reporter, profoundly sympathetic to the objectives of the anti-IMF demonstrators, could have failed to report the massive socialist/communist presence at that protest. And all of the other reporters did exactly that: They ignored it

Fast forward to the TEA Parties.

...consider in this light Jane Hamsher's vehement insistence that the Tea Party protests are illegitimate because of the involvement of FreedomWorks, Fox News, et cetera. And consider how the Tea Party protests were covered (or not covered) by the MSM. The same JournoList media that ignored the anti-IMF commies has revealed -- by their editorial decisions vis-a-vis the Tea Party movement -- that they are no more neutral and objective than Jane Hamsher

If you're looking for honest brokerage of events, don't bother with CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC/AP/Reuters, etc. The Milwaukee JS, and Channels 4 and 12, did a far better job of reporting on the Wisconsin events. FAR better.

And that disparity is telling.

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Phelony Jones said...

Although the report on Fox 6 that I saw twice mentioned that "hundreds" of people turned out at the Capitol