Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh, By the Way, Reince...

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Wis Republican Party, spoke at the TEA Party yesterday.

(Some think that he was allowed to speak only because the Party paid for parking at the Alliant Center.)

Be that as it may...

Priebus went all partisan--something that Paul Ryan avoided, as did every OTHER speaker--and conveniently forgot to mention Big Spender Republicans such as our very own Tommy "Screw'em" Thompson, who oinkcreased State employment by 50% during his imperial reign; the Republican Congresses and George "Democracy For the WORLD!!" Bush; George "Spend It ALL!!" Bush, the personal un-Constitutional and illegal savior of General Motors and Chrysler--and of course, Arlen "Scottish Law" Specter, and those two babes from Maine who pushed Porkulus over the top.

Reince, you ignorant slut: Shut up!!


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Amy said...

Reince, you ignorant slut: Shut up!! You know, you really shouldn't bottle up your emotions so. ;)

Anonymous said...

Usually a fan, but this post was absurd. Yesterday you said "The TEA Party was delightful, and the speakers were just dandy." Did you wake up and decide you hadn't yet met your trash GOP quota to protect credibility?

Anybody who knows Priebus knows he's been opposed to the GOP spending of the past and has been pushing them to get back to their principles. If he has some pull with Senators from Pennsylvania and Maine, I'm unaware of it. Besides, we've not seen spending like what we've seen in the past couple months at any time in American history.

Too many of them were part of the problem, but you know what's in this state budget. Now look at who supports it.

Andy K. said...

I think the point of the post was, by having a GOP chief come up and lambast the Democrats, it made it less of a "anti-gov't" rally to a "anti-Democrat" rally.

Dad29 said...

Anony, I do not owe you an explanation of my blog post methodology. You don't like it, screw yourself.

The fact of the matter is that the Republican Party has contributed mightily to this mess--from the (R) Chair of SEC, through the (R)-appointed Greenspan, including the (R) bozo who ran for President.

In this State, we have an (R) Senator who is complicit in what, arguably, is criminal abuse of his office to ram CornAHole into our collective asses, and at least two (R) elected officials who could not bring themselves to vote for a spending-limit amendment.

If Priebus is so damn all-fired anti-spending, I haven't heard it--nor did he speak clearly against the (R) co-conspirators.

But if he did, feel free to publish the references and cites!

BTW, I had no interest in an "R" branded rally. I was there, as was Asian Badger (see above) to make it clear that GOVERNMENT is the problem. That happens to include a number of jackass R electeds, Anony.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see anything suggesting you owed anybody an explanation. Just pointing out obvious inconsistency. Looked like a rhetorical question to me, Dad. Settle down, tough guy. Some of your points are valid, but it looks like somebody struggles accepting criticism. The bravado is amusing.

Dad29 said...

When I say that the speakers were crackerjack, it means that in general terms, their points were solid and their delivery was good.

It certainly didn't mean that I agreed with every single idea expressed by every single speaker.

The contrast between the Ryan speech and the Priebus speech was clear: the former went to general principles and specifically asked ALL Americans to sign on to common sense; the latter painted only half the problem with the red paint.

Matter of fact, Ryan specifically stated that 'Republicans' were part of the problem.

And he's right.

It may well take tax increases AND spending decreases to pull the country out of its debt-nosedive; pretending otherwise is folly. It may well mean that we quit using the US Defense budget to defend all of Europe and chunks of Asia and simply defend the border, instead.

Meantime, Big Gummint folks simply have to be eradicated, root and branch, including (R)s as needed.

I know you're visiting from RPW headquarters. Perhaps you should get out of Madistan once in a while and engage with real people, Anony...

Anonymous said...

@Anon...for a troll, you actually seem to have some writing skills.

For us conservatives, Priebus is a pussy and useless as far as being the head of the WI GOP.

Come to think of it, you're a pussy and pretty useless, too.