Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obama: Trading Apologies for National Defense

Long story is here.

Summary graf:

[In 2016, under the Obama budget as projected w]e'll be spending $4.5 trillion on social entitlements--Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid--debt servicing, and other mandatory programs. That's about 22 percent of GDP. Discretionary domestic programs--the prime source of congressional pork--have grown to nearly $700 billion, another 3.5 percent of GDP. Defense spending will be smaller. The baseline defense budget will be $594 billion, less than 3 percent of GDP. That's half the 50-year Cold War average

Ignore all the foofoodust Obama is spreading about "increasing" DoD spending. It is going down, by a lot, if he gets his way.

HT: Ace


Jay Bullock said...

Last Bush military budget: $513b.
First Obama military budget: $534b.
"Baseline" as cited in your post: $594b.
The image of you sputtering to support your claim that "It is going down, by a lot": Priceless

Dad29 said...

You'd better read the linked article before you make a fool of yourself, Jay.

Note that O's "Baseline" now INCLUDES Iraq and Afghan ops, for starters...

Billiam said...

Why would he do that? As for military cuts, it's in the Democrat DNA to cut Military spending.