Sunday, April 05, 2009

Obama a Socialist? Nope

P-Mac raises the issue after reading Gurda's column. (Other than as THE crackerjack local historian, Gurda will always be remembered for his pitch-perfect playing of John D. Laurance, SJ in a musical.)

Well, people are fretting, what with GM takeovers and impending nationalizations of health care, that our president might have socialist tendencies. Pish, writes Gurda. Besides, what if he did? “I’m not a socialist and never have been,” he writes, “but I can testify that Socialism — with a capital ‘S’— was one of the best things that ever happened to this city,...

McIlheran gets to the meat of the matter:

I don’t think Obama’s a socialist, though for all I know he might think how nice it is to be nearly as iconic as Che. What’s clear is that he believes in a more powerful, interventionist state, one that more forcefully evens out the results of life and is the undisputed central actor in society.

He's right.

The term is "fascist." And Hillyer's not the first person to posit thus, nor will he be the last.

It's a Mussolini-model (corporatist/fascist) that's being played out.


Steve Burri said...

Baracko Obamussolini?

Al said...

There is 1 good thing I can say about Mussolini, at least made the trains run on time. I'm not sure Obama could even do that with or without his teleprompter.

I also think that the best description of where Obama is heading is take the worst of fascism, communism & socialism, blend them together, & distill taht down to its worse & you have Obamanism.