Monday, April 06, 2009

More on "Ballistic Fingerprinting"

Although the anti-gun nuts (and Democrats in general) don't like to admit it, there IS such a thing as 'reality.'

And 'reality' means that there are limits.

The hot meme with the anti-gun crowd is "Ballistic Fingerprinting." Bolstered by an MSM propaganda piece (60 Minutes...surprised?), the folks now yap about assembling a database of 'fingerprints' for use in solving crimes.

The only problem: it won't work.

One example: a handgun was repeatedly test-fired. The bullets and casings were collected and "computer-analyzed." The analysis FAILED TO DETECT the fact that it was the same gun 62% of the time.

Largest difficulty: there is not enough server/storage capacity to handle the 300 million weapons (plus varying ammo loads, etc., etc.), much less translate all those variables into a 'positive ID' system. The size of the database decreases accuracy of results.

Oh, well.

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