Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kagen Declares Victory for Porkulus

Wow. Is this guy for real?

Kagen, D-Appleton, said he learned at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting this morning that highway funds distributed through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have created 119,000 jobs with only about 10 percent of the funds invested to this point

Kinda like Frankie (the Fixer) Busalacchi's claim that the I-94 re-work "created" 500 or so jobs.

(To believe that, you'd have to believe that there were zero highway-paving people until Frankie and Three-Card-Monte came along...)

Kagen has another bright idea, too!!

Kagen said he offered two proposals for White House economic advisers at a Democratic budget group meeting this morning: to offer an interest rate cuts to Fanny and Freddie mortgage holders, and to provide zero interest or near zero interest rate loans to small businesses.

Evidently Appleton voters sent their class clown to DC.

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