Monday, April 13, 2009

Homeland Security's Paranoia About Abortion Activists

Buried in the middle of a DHS alert which comments on the potential for rightwing extremism, we find this slander: (P. 5/10 in the PDF)

Paralleling the current national climate, rightwing extremists during the
1990s exploited a variety of social issues and political themes to increase group visibility
and recruit new members. Prominent among these themes were the militia movement’s
opposition to gun control efforts, criticism of free trade agreements (particularly those
with Mexico), and highlighting perceived government infringement on civil liberties as
well as white supremacists’ longstanding exploitation of social issues such as abortion,
inter-racial crimes, and same-sex marriage. During the 1990s, these issues contributed to
the growth in the number of domestic rightwing terrorist and extremist groups and an
increase in violent acts targeting government facilities, law enforcement officers, banks,
and infrastructure sectors

"White supremacists' .....exploitation of .......abortion"??????

Are we to understand that Wisconsin Right-to-Life or Pro-Life Wisconsin has a "white supremacist" sub-agenda? Barbara Lyons as an Aryan Nation commando?



Given that Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist/eugenecist (whose admirers included A. Hitler), and that the vast majority of their locations are proximate to minority populations, what actual, real-live "white supremacist" would object to abortion?

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Billiam said...

Dad, you have to remember who's running DHS now. Almost anyone who disagree's with The "O" is a suspect and a possible 'Domestic Terrorist'. Also, you note how we can't call the Islamic Terrorists terrorists, but it's ok to call dissenters terrorist?