Thursday, April 02, 2009

The "F" Word, Again

Now Clayton Cramer joins. And Paul Ryan agrees with PART of this...

I keep hearing a lot of whining that Obama and the Demoncrats are taking us down the road to socialism. They aren't.

...What the Obama Administration is doing is to taking control of private businesses, picking up bad debts, while allowing private businesses to keep the more profitable parts of the operation.

Attempts such as I mentioned yesterday, [HR 875] which will likely have the effect (and perhaps the intent) of driving small businesses out of business for the benefit of Agribusiness, fit into another ideology: and it isn't socialism.

The closest description is fascism, where the government theoretically interferes with free markets and capitalism for the benefit of the society as a whole--but in practice, the beneficiaries are those wealthy persons with political connections

It is the Italian Corporatist/Fascist model. Cramer mentions that that particular model worked through what amounts to effective 'election controls'. Minority parties existed, but had ZERO power.

It may be that the Pubbies have figured out that small businesses could be the bastion/fortress against the advance of the fascist agenda. Then again, maybe they're not that smart.

What IS certain is that the Italian distaste for paying taxes is certainly evident in the Obama Cabinet.

Paul Ryan tells Charlie that the reason he's concerned about the GM/Chrysler actions is that we could well be entering a new "crony capitalism/too big to fail" era. (Ryan specifically mentions health insurance firms.) Sounds kinda like Cramer's 'wealthy people with political connections' remark, no?

Gee. Ya think?

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