Thursday, April 02, 2009

A $Billion Here, a $Billion There...For Mythology!

...and pretty soon there's no industry left!!

(That's OK. There will be no people left, either...)

Proposed federal efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through "cap-and-trade" programs would raise electricity prices for Wisconsin customers, a group of Midwestern utilities said Wednesday.

Under one scenario, rates could jump by as much as 63% from 2012 to 2030...

The cap-and-tax which is most lethal to Wisconsin is most favored by the Most Favored One:

Obama has called for auctioning them [credits] off, then using the estimated $650 billion raised to help people cover higher energy bills and to help develop more climate-friendly energy sources.

Auction-based cap-and-trade programs would cost Wisconsin consumers the most, Midwest Consumer Utilities says. If emission allowances were sold through auctions and none of the money were used to reduce utility rates, prices here could rise by 19% to 63% from 2012 through 2030, according to the study.

That would mean extra payments by Wisconsin customers totaling $609 million to $2.1 billion in 2012 alone. By 2030, the study says, the annual extra costs could total $5.7 billion

It's not lightbulbs. It's motors--which put the cold into refrigerators and freezers, push the hot through the ductwork in winter and the cool/dry air through during summer, and which power virtually every machine used in the manufacturing sector. Such as presses, drills, grinders, conveyors, overhead cranes, welders, .....

Not to mention the printing sector. Or the food-processing sector. Or the restaurant sector.

Or the grocery-store sector, which depends heavily on refrigeration.

All this to "prevent" what is mythology: anthropogenic global warming. Truly, the DC Establishment has lost its mind.

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Billiam said...

Let's not forget the motors that power the transportation industry that makes it possible for people to live where ever they want in this land, and get most anything they need/want delivered to them. Because of the double and triple taxation that exists in transportation already, coupled with high fuel prices, a number of companies are closed. Obama's ponzi scheme will put more out, since the rates haven't been allowed to increase. More cost on the same, or less, revenue.