Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recall Doyle? Better to Leave Him In Place

Wiggy doesn't like the recall idea--for good reasons.

I don't like it, either. First off, a recall effort will be unsuccessful, barring some event or incident unforeseen at this time, like the traditional 'dead woman or live boy'...but I'm not sure that even THAT sort of incident will stir up the masses.

Besides, no self-respecting dead woman would have anything to do with ThreeCardMonte Doyle.

Leaving Doyle in place is a much better option.

Just as with Obama and the Democrat Congress, the 'over-reach' factor will come into play. In another year or so, it will be clear: State and national Governmental mismanagement, malfeasance, fraud, and borderline criminal actions, not to mention Fascistic regulations, will cause revulsion--if not riots and rebellions.

Keep the targets where they are highly visible: in their offices. Let nature take its course.

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