Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purple Avenger Channels James Harris?

James Harris writes the following:

Obama is not stupid. I used to think that maybe he was in over his head... but not anymore...Barack Obama is not hapless. He is being "on purpose." As people start to come to terms with this reality, they need to understand that this isn't a comic opera

Coincidentally, the Purple Avenger:

...As I read Paglia's piece, which indicts Obama's advisor's, aids, and hangers on, rather than Obama himself for having such shockingly poor judgment to have chosen a train wreck crew like this to begin with, I get the creepy feeling that her tone and words are similar to many Germans after being confronted with the reality of what the Nazis did...The Paglias of the world can't envision a scenario where Obama is to blame for anything - he inexplicably possesses a tautological purity of intent for them, despite a background and associations suggesting the man is about as pure of intent as Carlo Gambino.

I think Harris and Avenger are absolutely correct.

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