Monday, March 09, 2009

PRChina Tweaks Obama. China Is Our Friend, Part 102,400

Joe Biden was right (once, hey...)

The Pentagon says Chinese ships shadowed and maneuvered dangerously close to a U.S. Navy vessel in what appeared to be an effort to harass the American crew.

The Obama administration is protesting to the Chinese government. The protest will be delivered to Beijing's military attache on Monday

Oh, but that's not all...

Pentagon officials said the close encounter followed several other incidents involving the Impeccable and another U.S. vessel Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Well, ain't this fun! He's "too exhausted" to actually spend time with the Prime Minister of Britain, but not "too exhausted" to spend a few hours of quality time with an ex-IRA terrorist. He's "too exhausted" to worry about foreign stuff like the possibility of an Iranian nuke.

Instituting Fascism is a demanding job, after all.

So the PRChinese are going to see exactly how "exhausted" this young twit really is.



Billiam said...

I imagine Bush was tired much of the time after 9/11. Sorry Obama, no sympathy.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

...and we're not even a hundred days into this idiot.

asianbadger said...

Expect more little "tests" like this from China, Russia, NKorea, etc. They know 0bama is our of his depth.

His treatment of Gordon Brown cannot be excused.