Monday, March 09, 2009

Just How Bad Is Obama's "Foreign Policy"?

THIS bad.

"Meanwhile, there was anger directed at Barack Obama today after it emerged that the US President will stage a lavish Reception for ex-IRA chief Martin McGuinness on St Patrick's Day.

"Mr Obama also plans to hold two hours of talks with Mr McGunnness - just days after he was accused of snubbing Gordon Brown during the PM's visit to Washington.

"The President's move has reportedly infuriated Downing Street and diplomats are understood to be fuming." --Daily Mail, quoted by Ace.

So happens that the event was "put on hold" today.

But the question remains: how friggin' STUPID to plan this in the first place!

Any truth to the rumors that IRA was actually a Communist front?

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Amy said...

Hm. Our staunchest ally in WW2 and after, and Obama not only snubs Brown but returns the bust of Churchill in the White House.

Obama knows foreign policy, alright - he just prefers to extend courtesy and hospitality to communist and/or terrorist nations rather than those we are close to.