Friday, March 13, 2009

More Gummint Brainless "Stimulus"!

Oh, yah.

Congress (and the hapless GWB) decided that "it's all for the CHILLLRRRRREN..."

Losses are mounting and anger rising in the world of youth minibikes and powersports, where CPSIA has kept an entire industry shut down for more than a month now, as dealers sit on $100-million-plus inventories now rendered unlawful to sell...

Nothing like sitting on $100 million at, say, 15% interest/year. That's certainly stimulating!!

Business was already slow, and now we’re just dead,” says Gus Saba, general manager of Corona Motorsports in Corona, California. “A lot of people want to get back into the sport [ATVs or dirtbikes] with their kids, and if they can’t buy a bike for their kid, they might not buy one for themselves, either. It’s a mess. We can’t order parts, we can’t service anything. We don’t know what’s going to happen; no one can put a timetable on it.”

No service parts! Good!! That way families can be sitting on another few hundred million dollars' worth of dead vehicles.

See, the little darlings cannot be allowed near anything with lead content. Books, Boy Scout/Girl Scout patches, 'bling,' ...the list is endless.

Your Government At Work!


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