Friday, March 13, 2009

Jim Doyle's Union Pals

ThreeCardMonte Doyle wants to force SEIU membership on home-care providers through a provision in his budget.

This is the type of "pal" Jimbo likes so much:

As the 2008 Labor Notes conference banquet was beginning 200-300 chanting SEIU members and staffers rushed through the side door of the hotel, nearest the banquet hall. The doors had apparently been opened from inside by SEIU staffers attending the conference

...Some participants were thrown to the ground by larger SEIUers. One protestor broke through the first line and, finding himself trapped between the two lines, flailed wildly. Former Labor Notes office manager Dianne Feeley, a retiree from American Axle, was pushed and fell, cutting her head, and was treated at an emergency room

Yah--they bashed a little old lady into a hospital e-room.

Doyle pals.

By the way, the SEIU thugs invaded ANOTHER LABOR UNION'S CONFERENCE!!

The SEIU International is not the first union to protest at our conference. But in our 29 year history we have never had a group of protesters storm our conference, or assault the brothers and sisters who attend it.

Neither intimidation nor violence has a place within our labor movement. Whatever the original intent, bringing hundreds of people to behave in a confrontational way towards a union that leaders have branded as the enemy was bound to result in violence. Such actions cannot help the labor movement to grow

Pretty soon you'll see AFL-CIO and UFCW officers begging for Concealed-Carry permits...

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