Sunday, March 01, 2009

Blogroll Adds

On the right-hand side, under "Links," two new additions.

(Actually, one's old--Lakeshor Laments--but he just returned to the game after an absence.)

The other, Denninger, is a firebreathing finance guy who is very, very, VERY displeased with the mis- and mal-feasance of the Fed, the SEC, and others.


M.E. said...

I've been following Market Ticker for awhile and always need a stiff drink before reading it. Guess I picked the wrong Lent to give up cocktails.

What's your take on Denninger: right or wrong? Because if he's right -- and I'm inclined to think he is -- then we're in for a heap o' hurt.

Honestly, I'm thinking tomorrow is the day that we'll look back on as Black Monday.

By the way, I want to thank you for the financial info you post here and in comments on my blog occasionally; I've received some schooling on the fair valuation of home prices, price-to-rent ratios, and various other things that way. We bought our first house in 1987, so for 22 years have had nothing but low interest rates and increasing home values. We had no idea that we were innocently riding on a bubble about to burst.

(By the way, word verification is "reost", as in "the chickens are coming home to reost.")

Dad29 said...

I take Denninger with a grain of salt. Best way to read his posts is if they comport with common sense, they're probably right.

Now and then he gets a bit ConspiracyTheory--which is usually off the reservation.