Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ammo Shortage

Something is going on.

Bopped over to the candy store (actually, Fletcher's Arms) to pick up a couple of small items.

While there, I asked around about the 'net rumor of ammo shortages.


Seems that .45ACP and 9mm are hard to get--or at the least, slow-to-ship.

Interesting that it's handgun ammo which is a problem. I figured .223 would be hard to get--but that's not the case. I know I can buy a lot of .30-06 without trouble.



Phelony Jones said...

An undisclosed dealer/broker mentioned the same thing - handgun.

Try Sportsman's Warehouse

Phelony Jones said...

PS...when the entitlement system goes broke, all hell will break loose.

asianbadger said...

Looks like a lot of people have been following your advice to buy more ammo!

Milwaukeeroad said...

Curious how soon the Gov't will find it necessary to drop in on all of us and inspect our dwellings for uncoded ammo? Under the threat of what kind of fine or length of incarceration? Also, once I steal some coded ammo from someplace, or borrow it, or simply "trade" it intentionally with another agreeable ammo owner and they trade it with someone else, and they intentionally trade it with someone else, how will anyone inspecting such conclude that it wasn't an innocent or honest human error? "Gee, Mr. Gunowner, your coded ammo supposedly was orginaly bought by a "Mrs. LadySmith" two months is it you have it if it is illegal to sell ammo now?"

By the way, prepare thyself for these friendly home visits by BATF...or whatever "green group" with Federal Authority, to search every nook and cranny in your dwelling. And, while they're looking for ammo, they'll insist on registering everything else they find. If you're out buying ammo, it would be reasonable to believe that you're a gun owner too.

Now, of course, if you live in the inner city, or possess a criminal record, fear not. They won't bother inspecting those outlaws or neighborhoods at all.