Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Gets His Campaign Funds From....

This guy's ilk.

...In forty-odd minutes, on national broadcast television, San Francisco venture capitalist and superliberal Stephen Fowler managed to verb himself. ABC sent this evil bastard to live with the wife of the mayor of a small Missouri town.

Random Fowler quotes from the show's transcript:

"...people in the middle of the country frankly (laughs) are just like you. It’s amazing - uneducated, simple and without a clue about what’s going on in the world. You’re undereducated; over opinionated and you’re overweight. It’s not a good combination

...Stephen Fowler says: "I’ve said that you’re underachieving, under educated, over opinionated and overweight.” “Have a nice life. Don’t send any kids after me with a shotgun." Alan asks what Stephen means by his comment and Stephen says, “That’s just a final insult.”

Recall that The O-and-Savior gets major campaign donations from SanFran/Silicon Valley VC's.

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Billiam said...

I saw some of that show. I wanted to rip that fop's head off an crap down his neck, He's an overbearing pompous asshat. Talk about walking human waste.