Monday, February 09, 2009

How Much Per Job? About 360% Overhead Cost!

Real numbers sometimes are shocking.

Arlen Specter, (Linguini/PA) says that Porkulus will cost about $195,000 "per job saved."

OK--so what do those jobs actually PAY?

About $18.50/hour in wages, (national, all-occupations) average.

Just to be generous, let's call that $20.00/hour for the average job in the USA, and let's be equally generous by stipulating that the cost of benefits for that job is 30% of the wage (I include all applicable FUCA/SUCA/SS/Medicare taxes into "benefits.)

We're up to $26.00/hour/job.

$26.00 x 2080 = $54,080. total annual compensation.

So Porkulus will cost THREE POINT SIX TIMES the actual price of the average US job.

So, Specter, riddle me this: where is the REST of the money??

HT: Ace/Malor

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Billiam said...

Check his campaign coffers.