Monday, February 09, 2009

Gregg's Successor: RINO

Reported by Roeser:

[Judd Gregg] picked his former aide, an all-but-liberal Dem with the moniker Republican whom Democratic Governor John Lynch agreed to name…with the certainty being that she will be defeated in 2010. There isn’t even a dime’s worth of difference between his successor, nominal Republican Bonny Newman and Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe. If pro-abort Newman has any conservative traits I have never seen them when she was chief of staff to the usually conservative, pro-life Gregg. Newman left Gregg’s employ and hustled for the election of Lynch, a multi-millionaire businessman and pro-abort Catholic, married to a pro-abort Catholic feminist physician who endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Newman should be about as effective in the Republican party as was Jim Jeffords, a very liberal Republican who switched from GOP to “independent” which caused the Senate to tip Democratic.

Just in case Specter (Linguini-PA) isn't enough of a problem...

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