Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Wackos Have an Agenda

Kevin provides a look at the LeftyWonzo agenda for the next Legislative session.

There are a couple of items which deserve a second look, if not outright ridicule.

--Require a background check when a gun is sold or transferred between two private parties. The proposal would also close the “gun show loophole” by requiring purchasers to undergo background checks when firearms are purchased at a gun show.

First question: you mean to tell me I can't give one of my rifles to my kid?

Second question: even if you pass a law against giving my rifle to my kid, how the Hell are you going to enforce a 'requirement' that I conduct a background check?

This is obviously a "pile-on" law, similar to the asinine "seat-belt/secondary offense" law. It cannot be enforced either in reason or in fact, but will come in useful IF some other law is broken by the buyer or seller.

--Incrementally raise the state minority procurement goal to 7% in 2010 and 10% in 2012

Not "best bid/best product" but "right color/sex." Yah, that works.

--Require a child to attend a 5-year-old kindergarten prior to entering public school as a first-grade student

I smell a WEAC contribution somewhere in the steaming pile...

To the credit of the leggie, some proposals have merit (but could be debated):

--Require licensed and certified day care centers to equip day care vehicle with occupant alarms, which require manual disarming each time the vehicle’s engine is stopped

This will come at a cost. Maybe an IQ test for day-care-drivers would be more beneficial.

--Seek additional funding for local district attorneys to cover costs of operating witness protection programs

Why not? The objective is to put the goblins behind bars; if you have to protect a witness to do so, go for it.

That's just the beginning. Still to come: the $15 BILLION tax-increase called "healthcare."

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