Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mumbai: Who Benefits?

PJB, with a clear-eyed take:

What, then, may we surmise are the tactical and strategic goals of the terror masters of Mumbai?

To humiliate, wound and outrage India in her pride as a great new democratic and economic power in Asia. To imperil Mumbai’s future as a safe and secure financial capital in which to live, work and invest. To awe the world and inspire Islam’s young by their audacity. To attain immortality.

But the strategic target of the militants is the Pakistani government.

Pakistan’s offenses? Cooperating with America in Afghanistan and the border region, battling al-Qaida and the Taliban, withdrawing from the fight for Kashmir, seeking peace with a Hindu nation where 170 million Muslims are denied their place in the sun.

The Paki Government has strenuously and categorically denied any involvement in the Mumbai Massacre, although the ever-shadowy and violent ISI cannot be exculpted, according to press reports. Fact is, the Paki Government has not had control of ISI, its own intel agency, for years.

If the Pakis cannot convince the Indians that this was not 'state-supported' terror, the results may be truly dreadful, worldwide.

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