Saturday, December 13, 2008


They are afflicting jolly olde England, too--and Damian Thompson reprints the promise they intend to keep, come Hell or high-water:

"I, Lavinia [or Lala or Elena], do solemnly promise to 'be Church' by ordering the parish council to attend personal development workshops run by my husband at diocesan headquarters; by ticking off any visiting presbyter who does not offer Communion under both kinds; by making sure that all worship in the parish uses copyrighted 'resources' produced by the private company run by the diocesan director of liturgy; by ensuring that the number of 'eucharistic ministers' at Mass never falls below a third of the congregation; by sprinkling my conversation with Greek (but not Latin) words such as ήρυγμα and αγάπη; by upholding the rights of minorities; and by throwing a blue fit if the presbyter suggests turning back the clock by saying Mass for those dreadful little people still attached to the Tridentine Rite."

I do believe that Damian missed the 'kappa' before the first Greek word he printed. My, my...

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