Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bluemound: Frankie the Fixer's Safety Improvments

Back a while ago, Frankie "the Fixer" Busalacchi, (noted traffic engineer) sent a bunch of his boyzzzz out to "fix" Bluemound Road west of Moorland.

It wasn't safe, you know, with all those crossovers.


Hundreds of motorists now make U-turns at stop-lit intersections because Frankie "The Fixer"'s boyzzzz eliminated crossovers, and the only (semi-) legal alternative is to drive miles in one direction, then make a mad dash off Bluemound, through a parking lot, and back onto Bluemound at a cross-street.


In the last 2 days, there have been six (SIX!!!) accidents in the two-block stretch between Menard's and Janacek Road.

Great work, Frankie!! I'm sure you'll spend the Bailout Money very well!!

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